Reducing Office Costs All-Around  

Reducing Office Costs All-Around  

Multifunction printers are not only smart because they take up less space, a good multifunction printer takes up fewer resources as well. This includes:


A multifunction printer results in a lower electricity bill because fewer machines are running. Likewise, many professional multifunction printers now have Energy Star ratings, which are 40 to 55 percent more efficient than non-certified models.


Multifunction printers reduce the overall cost of paper, ink cartridges, and other consumables over the course of their lifespan. Part of this occurs because multifunction printers make it easier to digitize documents and turn them into other useful digital formats. Part of this occurs because improved print environment control means businesses are no longer underestimating their printing costs quite so dramatically.


It is easier to keep one generalized machine in working order than it is to maintain several specialized devices. Likewise, the commonplace status of multifunction printers means that spare parts are easier to find, and therefore cheaper.

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