MARUSON Power UPS 1100 VA Prosys backup with regulation


Item Number: MIC-1100A

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Micro UPS Series 500/700/900/1100VA Line Interactive UPS
The Micro UPS Series is for the budget conscious person aimed at protecting their PC
and peripherals. With automatic voltage regulation (AVR) technology and internet
protection you will definitely know that all your connected equipment is in safe hands.
Applications: Best Protection for Personal Computers, Peripherals, P.O.S.,
Alarm & Phone Systems.

. Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
. Boost AVR to stabilize input voltage(For 500/700/900VA models)
. Boost and buck AVR to stabilize input voltage (For 1100VA model)
. DC cold start function enables the UPS to startup without AC power supplied
and gives you greater mobility
. Green power function for energy saving
. Auto restart while AC recovery
. Provides modem/phone line surge protection (For 700/900/1100VA models)
. Provides overload protection


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