Gardall PS915-B-E Handgun & Pistol Safe


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Gardall PS915-B-E Handgun/Pistol Safe

The Gardall PS915-B-E handgun/pistol safe features an electronic push button lock with a manual key override in case the batteries die. The code can be programmed with a personal 3-6 digit entry code to gain access. A mounting plate is provided to bolt the safe securely or a cable can be used in case you have no where to bolt it.

The Gardall PS915-B-E can hold one or two handguns along with some other items you want to keep secure. It allows quick access to your handguns/pistols when you need them most.

Gardall PS915-B-E Features:

Electronic push button lock.
Manual key override.
Programmable 3-6 digit entry code.
Mounting plate, cable and hardware included.
Outside Dimensions: 4.25″ H x 9.50″ W x 14.00″ D
Inside Dimensions: 3.00″ H x 8.00″ W x 9.00″ D
Interior Cubic Feet: 0.13
Weight: 15.00


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