Gardall MS119-C-CK One Hour Microwave Fire Safe


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Gardall MS119-G-CK One Hour Microwave Fire Safe
The Gardall 1-hour microwave fire safe MS119-G-CK is ideal for the homeowner wanting to store a few important documents in a small safe that provides them the necessary fire protection and peace of mind.

This economical fire protection safe is one of two sizes and has many features for an inexpensive safe. This safes features include plated interlocking bolts that extend into the safe walls to prevent tampering and removal of the doors. The doors are precision built of extra heavy steel, full 180 degree swing pivoting on heavy duty hinges with interlocking, tongue and groove closure on all sides of the door frame (this helps greatly in a fire).

Other features include our one-hour fire safe label with a lifetime fire exposure replacement guarantee. Be sure to ask our customer service department for further details. The safe is has a nice powder coat finish for long lasting durability .

Something else that is cool on our home fire protection safe is the dual control or dual custody. This safe has a combination lock, and a key lock which allows you to keep the combination in the open position and just control the door with the key lock for short term use. The safe also comes with a removable and adjustable shelf.

We also advise that all safes be bolted to the floor (this helps deter theft of the safe). On this economical fire protection safe we feature a center bolt down hole inside the safe, and have even included the hardware to bolt it down.

To further enhance the value of this safe. each one has Individual packaging for UPS type shipping. This saves a lot of money on freight charges.

So if you are looking for a home fire protection safe that won’t break the bank, the Gardall 1-hour microwave fire safe MS119-G-CK is what you are looking for.

Not sure this is the right safe you need? Call our experts for some free and helpful information.

Standard Features:

One-hour fire safe label
Individual packaging for UPS type shipping
Two sizes
Powder coated paint for increased durability
Center bolt down ( hardware included )
Pull-out shelf for storage
Dual security key and combination lock option
Gardall warranty for all products
K.I.S. 1-Hour Rated Fire Safe

Outside: 15.25″ H x 11.50″ W x 12.50″ D
Inside: 12.00″ H x 8.50″ W x 8.50″ D
Interior Cubic Feet: 0.50

Weight: 61.00
Fire Rating: 1 Hour


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