An Easier Printing Environment

An Easier Printing Environment

Print environment control becomes much easier when all printing activities happen on one network. Much like with document management, access control and tracking are easier when they only occur with one device.

Controlling the print environment increases security and decreases printing costs. It cuts unauthorized printing, whether it is part of the 78 percent of employees who print personal material at work, or someone stealing confidential information. Likewise, companies who are required to mind privacy regulations such as HIPAA may find that a consolidated device in a secured area is much more effective (and compliant!) than multiple devices in discrete offices.

As experts in printing solutions, DATA SUPPLIES CORP. understands the myriad of distinct challenges which different businesses and industries may face. Let us leverage our expertise in office technology solutions to amplify your workflow. Contact us today to start a conversation about the goals you would like to meet with your next office printer. Call now! (787) 758 – 7118

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