HP embrace our families.

The closure that thousands of Puerto Ricans already live around the country, for the common good of fighting the coronavirus pandemic, outlines emotions that we may never have felt. The over worry, stress, anxiety and anguish, according to experts, are absolutely normal feelings to face abnormal situations like the one we are facing. However, in response to these, our bodies can generate tachycardia, insomnia, obsessive attitudes and other behaviors that harm us.

There is scientific evidence that confinement and quarantine states can cause anxious, post-traumatic, paranoid, obsessive symptoms, as well as confusion and irritability.
Proper information is essential, avoid falling into over-information on networks, ignoring WhatsApp networks and accessing only official channels, such as radio, TV or newspapers. This is the point where the experts agree the most, since often the saturation of information induces fear and despair in the face of an emergency.

Worrying about having positive thoughts also helps ease feelings. Thinking that quarantine is transitory, that it saves lives and that the basics such as food and medicine is assured is essential to avoid despair.
It is an excellent opportunity to collaborate for the public good and, on the other hand, to show our capacities to make this period more tolerable.

Precisely, in these long days, it is important to be creative, dispel us and avoid anxiety. Above all, when our spaces are more limited by the forced confinement to which all members of our families are subjected.

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Aware of the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19, HP wishes to accompany you in solidarity, facilitating the use of its printers and inks, in activities that involve all members of the family. It is their way of promoting harmonious coexistence.

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